Happy Dussehra Wishes, messages For Friends, Family, Girlfriend, Boyfriend


Happy Dussehra Wishes, Quotes, messages For Friends, Family, Girlfriend, Boyfriend: Happy Dussehra Wishes messages, Happy Dussehra Wishes for friends, Happy Dussehra Wishes for girlfriend, Happy Dussehra messages for friends, Happy Dussehra Wishes 2016, Happy Dussehra messages for boyfriend | Dussehra is only about killing Ravan or ending Nine day fast but it’s more than it. Every state celebrates Dussehra in their own different way. May be you are not aware about it, but here I am going to cite how other states celebrate Dussehra. If we try to figure out how Kolkata celebrate this day, no one can go ahead without associating it with Durga Puja which is quite famous. During Durga Puja, you can find this city get into the celebration. You will not find any corner of this city decorated with Pandals. In the evening, the celebration gets boosted up with an outstanding musical performance by traditional dressed people.


The sounds of Ghanti can be hear all around. And the devotees kept chanting mantra at the time of worshiping Goddess Durga. Before coming dussehra, people never let slip any chance to pay respect Goddess Durga and that’s why Dhaak and Dhunuchi dance is popular to pray Goddess Durga in a unique manner at the time of evening Aarti. May be some of you don’t know about this dance, but don’t worry, I am here to tell you. Dhaak is like a drum while Dhunuchi holds fire. And dance is performed on Dhaak beats. It’s quite interesting.  On the day of Dusshera, the idol of Durga is immersed in the Ganga River with great pomp and show.

If we talk about famous Dusshera in India, then Mysore cannot be ignored. During 10 daylong celebration, Mysore gets alive with chanting mantra, Aarti, Pooja etc., Dusshera Parade of Mysore is very much popular since it belongs elephant procession. You must have to hold you hearth tightly in order to watch and experience the decorate royal elephants. Mysore Place is decorated with attractive and beautiful lights. It’s quite enthralling to experience the Dusshera Celebration of Mysore. In this list, how can we forget to mention Kullu locates in Himachal Pradesh. It’s known for Rath Yatra, handicraft fair, music, traditional dance performance etc.


Happy dussehra messages for Friends

Troubles As Light As Air, Love As Deep As Ocean, Friends As Solid As Diamonds, And Success As Bright As Gold- These Are The Wishes For You And Your Family On The Day Of DUSSEHRA!”

“A Time For Celebration, A Time For Victory Of Good Over Bad, A Time When World See The Example Of Power Of Good. Let Us Continue The Same True Spirit. Blessing Of Dussehra”

“Dusshera Signifies The Victory Of Good Over Evil. May All The Evils In And Around You Vanish By The Virtue Of The Goodness In And Around You. Happy Dusshera!” Theholidayspot.com
“Jyot Se Jyot Jagate Chalo. Prem Ki Ganga Bahate Chalo. Rah Mein Aaye Jo Deen Dukhi. Sabko Gale Se Lagate Chalo. Din Aaygega Sabka Sunehra. Isliye Meri Oar Se Happy Dussehra!”

“Jai Siyaram, Wish U Success & Happiness In Everything U Do! Happy Dussehra!”

“Sri Ram Ji Aapke Ghar Sukh Ki Barsat Karein, Dukhon Ka Naash Karen Is Dussehra Ke Din. Happy Dussehra”

“Dussehra Is Festival Of Victory On Bad Elements In Our Lives. Happy Dashahara1”

“Everyday Sun Rise To Give Us A Message That Darkness Will Always Be Beaten By Light. Let Us Follow The Same Natural Rule And Enjoy The Festival Of Good Defeats Evil. Happy Dussehra!.


Happy dussehra messages for Family

May The Victory Of Good Over Evil Inspire U Towards Your Own Victories.”

“May Shri Ramji Gives U All Happiness And Love To Ur Family. Happy Dussehra To All.”

“As The Candlelight Flame Your Life May Always Be Happy, As The Mountain High U Move Without Shy, As Sunshine Creates Morning Glory Fragrance Fills Years As Flory, All Darkness Is Far Away As Light Is On Its Way. Wishing U All A Very Happy Vijaya Dashami.”

“Before The Golden Sun Rises Let Me Decorate Each Of The Rays Wid Success & Happiness To U & Ur Family. Happy Dussehra!”

“Ye Pal Ho Sunehera, Duniya Me Naam Ho Roshan Tumahara, Dusron Ko Dikhako Tum Kinara Yehi Aashirwaad Hai Hamara. Happy Happy And Happy Dussehra!”

“Ho Aapki Life Me Khushiyon Ka Mela Kabhi Na Aaye Koi Jhamela Sada Sukhi Rahe Aapka Basera Wish You HAPPY DUSHERA”

“Har Pal Ho Sunehera Duniya Me Naam Ho Roshan Thumahara Dusron Ko Dikhako Tum Kinara Yehi Sapna Hai Hamara Happy Happy And Happy Dussehra”

“May Dis Dushera, Light Up 4u. The Hopes Of Happy Times & Dreams 4a Year Full Of Smiles. Wish U Happy Dushera.”

“On This Auspicious Occasion, I Wish The Color, Bliss And Beauty Of This Festival? Be With You Throught The Year! Happy Dussehra!”

“Happy Dussehra To All Of You. Hope This Festive Season Brings Lots Of Joy To All Of You.”

“May This Dussehra, Light Up For You. The Hopes Of Happy Times, And Dreams For A Year Full Of Smiles! Wish You Happy Dussehra!”

“May All The Tensions In Your Life Burn Along With The Effigy Of Ravna. May You Be Successful And Happy Ever! Happy Dussehra!”

“Vijayadashami Ka Shubh Parva Apke Aur Apke Parivar Ke Jivan Me Sukh, Samradhi Aur Shanti Bharde. Happy Dussehra!”

“Enjoy The Victory Of Truth Over Evil Happy Dussehra”

“Ravan Jalaao Burai Ko Aag Lagaao Achchai Ko Apnaao Khub Pio, Khub Khao.”


Happy dussehra Wishes messages in English, Hindi

May Lord Rama Bless U N Ur Family With His Choicest Blessings. Happy Dussehra To All Of You.”

“This Navratri, May You Be Blessed With Good Fortune As Long As Ganeshji’S Trunk, Wealth And Prosperity As Big As His Stomach, Happiness As Sweet As His Ladoos And May Your Trouble Be As Small As His Mouse.”

This special occassion may fulfill all Ur dreams came true.Happy Dasara

May all ur tensions exist in Ur life burn along with Ravana.

Let us start a great life by conquering our external evils.Happy Dassara

Happy Dasara to all of U. Hope this festive season brings lots of joy to all of U.

Jai Siyaram, Wish u success and happiness in everything u do! Happy Dussehra.

May the victory of Good over Evil inspire u towards Ur own victories.

May this Dussehra burn all your tensions with Ravan and bring lots of happiness and full fill all your dreams. Wish you a Happy Dussehra.



Happy Dussehra to all of My Friends. Hope this festival brings lots of joy and Happiness to all of you.

Vijayadashami ka tehor apke aur apke parivar ke jivan me khushiya, sukh, shanti bhar de. Happy Dussehra…

Is dussehre app ko, Is Duniya bhar ki saari khushiyan or Sukh Mill Jaye..So wish you very Wonderful Happy dussera..


Happy dussehra Wishes messages For Boyfriend Girlfriend bf gf

May God bless on the auspicious occasion of Dussehra and may this festival Make you capable of defeating all evils in your life. Wish You a Happy Dussehra.

Best wishes on Festival of Dussehra to all of my near and dear once. May Ram Bhagwan Give you lot of Happiness and Joy in your life..

May Lord Rama Ji always Keep showering his blessings upon you and your Family.May your life be prosperous and.. Trouble free throughout.

You Know Why we celebrate Dussehra? because ADHARM per DHARM, JHUT per SATYA, ANYAY per NYAY or BURAI per ACCHAI ki..vijay ho.happy Vijayadashami..

Jaise Lord Ram ji ne Jeeta Lanka Ko,
Waise app bhi jeete saari duniya ko.
Is dussehre mil jaye app ko,
Duniya bhar ki saari khushiyan.
Happy dussera.. all of U..

Phul khile khushi aap k kadam chume,Kabhi
na ho dukho ka samna,Dhan hi Dhan aye aap k
angana,Yahi he Dasshera ka shub avsar par Manokamna.

Millions of greetings!Thousands of
colours;Hundrds of wishes;Tons of
sweets;Lots of smiles;throughout your life.

Ho Aapki Life Me _Khushiyon Ka Mela Kabhi Na
Aaye Koi Jhamela, Sada Sukhi Rahe Aapka

May this Dussehra,
light up for U.
The hopes of Happy times,
And dreams for a year full of smiles!
Wish you Happy Dussehra…..!

Meaning of Dussehra Word:
D – Devil in
U – Ur life by giving you
S – Splendid and
S – Sparkling
E – Energy which brings
H – Happiness,
R – Riches and
A – Abundance!
Happy Dussehra to all of you!!

And Dussehra of Gujrat cannot be completed without Garba dance. During Navrati, everyone gets into Garba, Dandiya, and Dance etc. People enjoy it a lot. Big Pandal and fair are erected to celebrate this festival. Garba has been popular all around India and abroad. To participate in Garba dance, people come from every corner and put on Gujarati attire before dance in order to experience this culture closely.

Apart from above mentioned, there are many places in India known for this excellent Navratri and Dusshera celebration. In a nutshell, It can be said that Dusshera is celebrated all around in India with great enthusiasm. People love to perform dance, music, eating and worshiping during this festival. This 10 day long festival revives us and prepare us to go back in a fast paced life.Which part impressed you a lot and why, would not you like to share with us. What is your plan to celebrate this Dusshera?

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