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funny birthday wishes

Funny Birthday Quotes For Family & Friends: How was your birthday? How many birthday wishes you received on your phone? I know there would be a number of Birthday wishes. Some have been sent by your friends who are living far from you. To make your birthday very-very special, some of your friends hold special party for you. And your room has been stuffed with a number of incredible gifts. And now it’s time for thanking for birthday wishes Facebook Status to your friends. So, what are you waiting for? You have landed at the right platform. Here, you don’t have need to think more how to say thanks to your friends. Here, we are exploring a gigantic collection of thanking for birthday wishes To Friend. If your friends can do a lot of things for you then it’s your turn to say thanks them in a lovely manner.


  • Friendship is a bond between two human minds which will be stronger if cake is shared between them! Happy cake-eating day, my friend!
  • I was gonna make you a wine cake but now I am drunk this is just a cake.
  • On this day, the most beautiful heart was born. She is my best friend and I am proud of her.
  • A friend is one with whom I share happiness, but a best friend is one with whom I can share grief, too. Happy birthday to my best friend!
  • Happy birthday to my best friend with whom I have spent my best years. Here’s to many more years to come!
  • Congratulations! You’re the only person that I don’t need a Facebook reminder to remember their birthday.
  • Dear Friend. Have you ever wondered why I’ve kept you around for so long? You know too many of my secrets. Happy Birthday!
  • On your birthday, don’t worry about your age. Just count it in dog years. In your case, that would be… still pretty darn old!
  • One day sky was crying. I asked him why are you crying today. He told me i have lost my beautiful star. It was a day when you were born. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Cutie
  • For your birthday, I wanted to give you something that was both funny and charming, But then I remembered you already have me in your life.
  • Can’t tell you how cute you’ll look with all that cake on your face.
  • For the world, it’s just an ordinary day, but for me, oh my friend! This is the best day of the year. Wishing you a happy and colorful birthday!
  • You can open your eyes; you will only find birthday candles on fire. Look behind you there is your gift, I was joking just wanted to give you birthday bombs.
  • I hope you forgive me for eating your lunch, I couldn’t stop myself after all it was your birthday cake.
  • If anyone calls you old, hit them with your cane and throw your teeth at them! Happy birthday.
  • Don’t think of it as getting older, think of it as becoming a classic.
  • I have prepared your birthday cake and then called the fire department to blow out the candles on your cake.
  • One more year added now, so it’s better to remain over the ground rather than remaining under that. Wishing you a happy birthday.
  • You are gradually getting to the top of the hill. It’s better than being buried under it.
  • So, it’s another birthday with you. Statistics prove that those who have earned more birthdays, have lived the longest life in the earth.
  • People often compare birthdays with boogers. Because, with the increase of its number, people find breathing harder.
  • So, you are still younger than the age you will be on the next birthday. Have a special celebration.
  • Another year has gone, but that doesn’t mean you’ve become wiser.
  • It’s your birthday. Have a buffet cake night and eat as much as you can.
  • No one will stop tonight from eating your favorite items. Happy birthday.
  • The nature has kept this day special because you are permitted to eat as much cake as you can.
  • Hey, can you blow out all these candles by yourself or should I call our local fire department to help you in this regard.
  • See how many candles on your cake. You’ll have to blow them out only by sniffing. Ha ha!
  • Hey, no matter how old have you become today, just make sure that you don’t forget that where you kept the car keys. Good luck!
  • I haven’t brought any cake for you. Because I know you love this bottle of champagne more. Happy birthday.
  • There are plenty of years that I can remember for those history classes in our schools. But, the bad news is I can’t remember your birth date as it wasn’t on our course. May be I’m late, but happy birthday.
  • The room is getting hotter, please blow the candles before your room gets on fire.
  • Though science says that people starts losing their memory at the age of 41, but for you we can only hope. Ha ha!
  • Happy birthday dear. Another birthday means one step closer to the end of life.
  • The best secret that is yet to be revealed is your true age.
  • Though it’s obvious to grow old, but it’s optional to grow up.
  • You must enjoy the cake, because you won’t get a second chance to enjoy that special item as you are under diet.
  • You always enjoy your birthday in some amazing ways, that’s why you should have one birthday every year.
  • The cake looks very little for those plenty of candles.
  • Look, so many candles on a so little cake.
  • You are such a person who always reminds me the memories of my old days. I’ve never found a smart, funny and good looking person than you. Thank you for being with me.
  • You get older every year, but I don’t want to remember that. Just enjoy and don’t eat my portion of cake.
  • Look at my delicious cake. I know you love cakes so let’s finish it together.
  • I know we both have grown very old now, but I hope you are not going to die before you taste the birthday cake.
  • It’s time to stop counting the numbers of candles and start to think about the wishes you’ve got today.
  • You are a person for whom it’s always tough to find a perfect gift. So, I decided not to bring anything expect this beautiful rose.
  • Shopping anything for your special day is always hard, so lets do it together today.
  • Look, the number of candles is getting higher, but the cake is still too small. Happy birthday.
  • Next year, arrange a big cake so that the number of candles fit on the cake easily. Wishing you a happy birthday.
  • Time runs fast and you are getting older fast too. It seems only a few days when we were young. Now it’s hard to find a tooth in your mouth. Happy birthday.
  • Every time I ask you the true age, you smile and skip that topic. Today, I won’t give you any chance to escape.
  • You are the perfect example of how old people celebrate their birthday. There is plenty of food, but doctor has warned you not to eat any of those. Happy birthday!!
  • You are the person who surprises me most. I don’t know how you passed first one and a half year without talking a single word. Good luck!
  • It would have been a holiday, if you were a great man in this country. But I’m so unlucky that you are not.

funny birthday wishes


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  • After all these years, you know just the buttons to push to turn me on or drive me crazy. Have a great birthday
  • I actually think you are getting younger with each candle you blow. Your charm never ceases to amaze me. Happy Birthday.
  • Your Birthday is so important that we find it impossible to take it seriously; so, let’s go crazy with celebrations.
  • Birthday cake the only food you can blow on and spit on and everybody rushes to get a piece? Aha, but I’m going to try it with my veggies!
  • Actually, I wanted to get you something super great, super terrific, unique and beautiful for your birthday, but I don’t fit into the envelope.
  • Remember when music was better and people were nicer, and children respected their elders? Oh, what am I saying. I bet you don’t remember your own name. Happy birthday anyway!
  • Happy Birthday, Mom! I didn’t remind my siblings of this day so that I’d look like the better child for remembering your birthday.
  • Have a special birthday, Mom! Sorry for the nine months I took over your womb.
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  • Dear Mom, it’s your birthday. As a gift, I’m going to let you bake me my favorite cake…because it makes you happy!
  • Dear Mom, it’s your birthday. As a gift, I’m going to let you bake me my favorite cake…because it makes you happy! Happy Birthday, Mom.
  • Wishing you many, many more to come! And I hope you age beautifully and gracefully. Because I have your genes and I will likely follow in your footsteps.
  • You are such a great mother. I’ve always wondered how you put up with me all these years and kept your cool. Then I found your wine stash and it all became clear. Happy Birthday!
  • Thank you for being the one person I can count on to love me even when I make the dumbest mistakes. Happy Birthday, with all my love.
  • Well, it’s been said that the older you get, the wiser you get. Well Dad, you must be really, really, really, really wise. Wishing you a great birthday.
  • Have an awesome birthday, Dad. No matter how old you get, you will always be the cool dad.
  • Dear Dad. I’m sure all those times you yelled at me, grounded me, and took privileges away from me were supposed to teach me lessons and make me a better person. I’m still waiting for that to kick in. Happy Birthday
  • ! Happy Birthday, Dad!
  • Dad, I hope you have a great time celebrating your birthday. Today is the only day a year I let you dance in front of my friends despite the embarrassment that will befall me
  • Dear Dad. I learned a lot from you over the years. But I bet you never thought the day would come that I would have something to teach you: How to use your smartphone.

funny birthday quotes



1)\O/ .O ..O


./ \…/\…./ \
Aaj phir din aaya nachne, gane ka yaar
Janamdin mubarak mere Yaar….
Suraj roshni le kar aayaa,
Aur chidyon ne gaanaa gaayaa,
Phoolon ne hans hans kar bolaa,
Mubarak ho tumhaara janam din aaya!

2)Har raah aasan ho,
Har raah pe khushiya ho,
Har din khubsoorat ho,
Aisa hi poora jivan ho,
Yahi har din meri dua ho,
Aisa hi tumhara har janamdin ho!!!

3)Teri Umar Me likhdu Chand Sitaaro se,
Tera janam din Me manau phoolon aur bahaaro se,
har ek khushi Me duniya se le aau,
Sajaa lu ye Mehfil Me har haseen nazaaro se…
Suraj roshni le kar hai aaya,
Aur Pnchhiyon ne ganaa gaya,
Phoolon ne hai hass kar bola,
Mubarak ho Apka janam din aaya!

4)Tohfa-e-dil de doon ya de doon chand tare
Janam din pe tujhe kya doon ye poche mujh se sare
Zindgi tere naam kar doon bhi to kam hahi
Daaman mein bhar doon har pal khushi ko main tumhre

5)Janmdin k shubh avsar pr,
Bhent karu kya upahar tmhe,
Bas ese hi swekar kr lena,
Lakhon lakhon pyar tumhe…
Janamdin ki bahut bahut badhai tumhe…
Happy birthday frnd nd many-many happy return of the day ..
& may this year turn ur life in colourful mode…
nd u get succeed in every step of ur life

6)newzealand bangladesh se har sakta he, muni badnam ho sakti he,
shila jawan ho sakti he, pyaj 80 rs kg ho sakte he, To phir 2 din baad apko birthday wish nhi kr sakte kya ?
Belated Happy Birthday..

7)A 4 = aap ko
B 4 = bhaut bhaut
C 4 = chori chori
D 4 = dil se
E 4 = ek bar
F 4 = face 2 face
G 4 = gale mila kar
Aap ko kehna chahte hai.
” HaPpY bIrtHdAy ”
8)Apne Bhagwan se Ek dua mangte hai,
aapki Khushi pure Imaan se chahte hai,
Sub hasratein puri ho aapki,

9)aur aap Muskuraye Dilo Jaan se.
Ankhon me har pal khwab sajte rehte hai,
Khusiyo se nagme gungunate rehte hai,
Har saal manate hai dost mera janamdin,

10)Par har saal hum apne jivan ka ek saal gavate rehte hai…
Chand se pyari chandni, chandni se bhi pyari raat Raat se pyari zindgi, aur zindgi se bhi pyare ap (Happy Birthday)

11)hum ap k dil mai rehte hai , isiliye har dard sehte hai , koi hum se pehle wish na krde apko,
isiliye advance mai HAPPY BIRTHDAY kehte hai

12)Dekho kaise matakte ho
kitna uchal k chalte ho.
Mana ap ka janamdin hai,
itna kyu fudakte ho.
Pal Pal intezaar karte hai is din ke liye,
Janam din ayega bhi to kuchh pal ke liye,
Guzarish hai hamari uss ghadi se..

13)Woh pal jald se le aye din bhar ke liye..

Gul ko pyara Ghulshan mubarak,
Shayar ko Shairy mubarak,
Chaand ko Chandni ho mubarak,
Ashiq ko usko unka Pyaar mubarak,
Hamari taraf se aap ko …

14)Aapka Janam Din Mubarak.

Hamari to duaa he koi gila nahi,
Wo Phool jo aaj tak khila nahi,
Khuda kare aaj ke din aapko wo sab kuchh mile,
Jo aaj tak kisi ko kabhi mila nahi.
Happy Birth Day
yeh lo tumhara birthday gift. 1000rs ka scratch card. tum bhi kya yaad karo ge
scratch it & load it.

15)Us din khuda ne bhi jashn manaya hoga
Jis din apko apne hatho se banaya hoga
Usne bhi bahaye honge ansu
Jis din apko yaha bhej kr,khud ko akela paya hoga
Janmdin Mubarak Ho

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funny birthday wishes

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