Celebrating Jawaharlal Nehru Birthday On Children’s Day 2015

Jawaharlal Nehru Birthday

Celebrating Jawaharlal Nehru Birthday On 14th November – Children’s Day 2015: Today, we all are celebrating Children’s day which is also known as Bal Divas. This day is celebrated in India every year on November 14.  It’s the birthday date of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who was the first Indian Prime Minister. Apart from having unique leadership attributes, he is known for great bonding with the children. He loved to talk and hear the children. The children love to call him as Chacha Nehru with the love. This day has significant value since Children day is also known to increase the awareness towards care and education of children. We all know that children are the future of the country and it’s our prime responsibility to take care of their rights and care. Children are like precious pearls which add shine to the success of the country. They are like an adorable gift send by the God to spread the happiness.

Jawaharlal Nehru Birthday

Birthday of Jawaharlal Nehru 14th nov 2015

Their innocence can win anyone’s heart as well as make calm. Chacha Nehru was quite concerned about children’s education and progress and that’s why he play a vital role to establish a number of educational institutes like All India Institute of Medical Science, IIM stands for Indian Institutes of Managements and IIT (Indian Institute of Technology).It’s the day to celebrate childhood.

Birthday of Jawaharlal Nehru

Children's day 14th november

How this day is celebrated in India? Many of you may be thinking about it. Here, we are going to elaborate. This day November 14 is celebrated with a great passion and enthusiast. Many schools organise culture programmes on the birthday of Chacha Nehru. A number of children take part and give performance on the stage. Taking participate in these types of program help children to learn a lot new skill like presenting themselves in front of the huge audience. They perform dancing, singing and acting and teacher help them to learn all these things. And different types of quiz and competition is organized for children And the winner is blessed with prizes.


Children’s Day 2015 Celebration

After performance, healthy food and refreshment is distributed among the children. Children day is a celebration to thank God who blessed us with this gift. Their eyes, smile and even the way of crying and talking is just unique and make able to feel every parent great to have them. There smile can calm the individual’s anger. There is no one in the world who doesn’t like to play with children. And children day reminds us to follow every step which helps to overall development of the child.

Children's Day 2015

If you are also eager to celebrate Jawahar Lal Nehru Birthday then here are some incredible steps which you must follow to make this Children day memorable. You can buy gifts and chocolates and head to Schools, Institute, hostels or NGO to distribute it among the children. You may help to learn dance, acting and singing, which they are going to perform. You can organize different king of competition, fancy dress, and debate or group discussion to help them to learn new thing to make them smart. You may collect a number of things like food, cloth, books, toys, medicine and can distribute it among the Orphan children.

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