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Romantic Birthday Poems

Romantic Birthday Poems For Him / Her | Best Birthday Poems : Hello Guys!!! I am here with another blog. Here, I would like to ask that how many times you have surprised by your friends on your birthday. It may be many times and this time if you are planning to surprise him/her then it’s great. This blog is loaded with many creative ideas which you are looking for. The wait is over, check out this blog to pick Birthday Poems and some lovely ideas. You can surprise your friend in an excellent manner if you know his/her choice. For example, nothing can be better than a music and movie collection of them who have a great inclination towards music and movie. There are many ways to surprise the birthday boy or girl. And one of the best ideas is that you can pretend on as you are not aware about his or her birthday. Birthday Poems And call her/his all friends to collect them in order to give a surprise party at the evening.

Romantic Birthday Poems

You can take him/her to place where he or she always wanted to go. It is enough to excite her or him since it’s like to a dream come true. And if you have good relations and jack, then you can arrange an autograph of the celebrity which is liked by him/her. You can give a brilliant dress to him/her since nothing can be greater than have a marvellous dress.


Romantic Birthday Poems For Him / Her | Happy Birthday

If you are looking to surprise your boyfriend then you can bake a cake on your own and write your feeling on it. It will not only surprise him but even can make him emotional too. If you are in the starting phase of a relationship and want to make this birthday quite special for your boyfriend then here is a brilliant idea to surprise him.

Birthday Poems

Your age is just a number,
It’s really not all that big,
You have seen a few decades,
Since you were just a kid.

But you don’t look your age,
You beat the middle age spread,
Your face glows like 1,000 stars,
And you can still turn heads.

Wishing happy birthday!

All those nasty birthday cards,
That make fun of older folk,
Don’t they know you’re fragile?
They really shouldn’t joke.

Sure, you may lack iron,
And vitamins A and D,
But you’re still young at heart,
Younger than I’ll ever be. 

Happy birthday!

Hurry, blow out your candles,
And wish for your heart’s desire,
With so many years to celebrate,
Your birthday cake may catch fire! 

Best wishes on your birthday!

You’re another year older,
The calendar must be wrong,
But it’s that time once again,
Time to sing the “Birthday” song.
One day you may forget it,
And it will seem all brand new,
When that day finally comes,
I’ll gladly sing it to you! 

Happy birthday!

Birthday Poems for her


You’ve always been my favorite,
I like you much more than anyone,
You bring out my inner child,
Now it’s your turn to have fun.

May your birthday bring you joy,
And smiles all day through,
Only the best for my favorite,
Nothing’s too good for you.

Happy birthday!

You came into my life one day,
We became friends there and then,
You achieved the impossible,
You taught me how to smile again. 

Now my smiles are here to stay,
A taste of joy every little while,
Happiness is your gift to me,
My gift to you is my smile.

Happy birthday!

Romatics Birthday Poems

You can make a call him in the noon to meet urgently at home and welcome him by playing a sweet song. Arrange delicious cake on the table and a bottle of champagne to shower him. And then you can surprise him by taking him on a long drive and the car must be driven by you.


Latest Happy Birthday poems and Surprise

It would be great to have some great time on the road with the speed. You can take him for a delicious dinner and write Birthday Poems. I am sure; all this arrangement will leave your boyfriend speechless totally. You can surprise your girlfriend if you know the ice-cream liked by her. Girls love to have ice-cream and it’s enough to make her mood. Apart from it, jewellery can make you special for her. You can surprise her by presenting a stunning ring, necklace, bangle or bracelet. And if you wish that all time she should be overwhelmed with your memory, then keep her messaging within the gap of thirty minutes and each message should be loaded with heart touching birthday wishing SMS and Birthday Poems. In the evening, you can take her the place loved by her and make a stroll along with her. And yes!!! Don’t forget to give her chocolate and Birthday Poems. If you have something brilliant than it, don’t skip the chance to try that.

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