Birthday Wish SMS For Love One’s | Best birthday SMS Top 10 : Before you go through this blog, I would like to clear one thing to you. Do you think that Birthday SMS has a same value as making calls? Many of you can support the answer that a call keeps a greater value than Birthday SMS. But can you imagine that I have some friends who always complain to me that why I did not send them a Birthday wishing SMS. I have to hear all this even I have already wished them by making calls in the morning. What the hell is this? It’s really disturbing. But if we go to the other side of this situation, we find that they are correct and it’s their right to receive birthday wishing by SMS. I know it may sound a little bizarre, but it’s true. SMS has a different kind of impact since it comes in a written form. A birthday boy/girl can save it and read it many times as they want. What do you say? It’s not great. When have a great space for someone tin your heart, you always wait for their call and message. And whether it’s call or SMS both keeps the same value for the receiver. And I found this fact after a long time.

Birthday Wish SMS


Latest Birthday Wish Sms 2015

After that time, I always type a text and send it to the particular number of birthday person. It’s another way to collect the wishes of the people whom you a like a lot and wish to stay in touch. Call cannot be saved. Somehow we can record it, but birthday SMS in written way has a great value than call.

Latest Birthday Sms


You are so beautiful my love 4 you will always b true,
here’s a wish 4 my darling…
may all your dreams come true
i wish u a very happy birthday.
With lots of love and kisses…
from a heart that beats…
just 4 you by me.

You are so beautiful my love 4u will always b true,
here’s a wish 4 my darling…
may all your dreams come true
I wish u a very happy birthday.
With lots of love and kisses…
from a heart that beats…
just 4 you by me.

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A Spring in Your STEP
Joys 2 hold Dear
Loved ones 2 hold near
Moments 2 cherish
Àll through D year
Happy birthday

Millions of Greetings!
Thousands of Colours!
Hundreds of Wishes!
Kg of Cakes!
Lot’s of Smiles!
That’s what I Ask God 2 gives you throughout your Life!
Happy Birthday

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Look outside it’s so pleasant!
Sun smiling 4 u,
tree dancing 4 u,
birds singing 4 u,
because I requested them all to wish you.
Happy birthday.


Hey, you are 1 year older now,
1 year smarter now,
1 year bigger now,
and now you are 1 year closer to all your wishes.
~~ Happy Birthday ~~


Keep the Smile.
Leave the Tear.
Hold the Laugh,
Leave the Pain,
Think of Joy,
Forget the Fear,
Be Joyous because


Wish you a many many happy returns of the day.
May God bless you with health, wealth and prosperity
in your life.

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Best Birthday SMS

So, if you have some of the best friends, then never forget to wish them apart from making calls. Now, the next thing which can pop up in your mind is that how to find out a great Birthday SMS? You just need to Google it and you will get overwhelmed a number of birthday messages. The one which touches your heart, type and send.


Best Birthday SMS | Happy Birthday Wishes – Quotes

You can leave your wish on their Facebook wall. I am sure if you type something different and unique on the birthday boy/girl’s wall, you will not only got a lot of like but can become one of the favourite of his/her. A call and SMS will help to carve out your special image and when you make an entry at the birthday party, you will be welcomed in a special manner. And yes!! Don’t forget to take a gift. And if you want to catch the huge attention, then write something special on the gift too. If you are good in thinking and can think better than Google then penned it on the gift. When your gift will be opened by the Birthday boy/girl, the packaging of the gift will also become precious as same as the gift and the birthday boy/girl will not wish to throw it in the dustbin since it’s all about the magic of TEXT.

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