Best Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend Romantic in English

best birthday wishes for girlfriend

Best Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend Romantic in English: Life is nothing without having true love and if you are blessed with a sweet girlfriend then you are lucky. And we are happy for you. If you have thinking about how to celebrate your girlfriend’s birthday in a lovely manner then you are at the right place. Well!!! First we would like to advice you that you must check out he Love Birthday wishes for girlfriend as it’s considered very special for you. What are you waiting for? No need to go anywhere else as you are blessed with a wide collection of Love Birthday Messages for Wife. And you will love to send her since they all are very lovely, classic and heart-touching. And your Girl-friend will feel very-very special after reading this. If you have bought birthday card and wish to write something great on it, then you must go along with this collection.

best birthday wishes for girlfriend

Best Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

  • You are always complaining that the gifts I give you seem to say that I do not know you at all. Well this year, you’re in for a surprise. Happy birthday darling.
  • For a lot of years, I was lonely and miserable and I was just pretending to be happy, because I did not want for people to feel sorry for me. But then you came along and everything changed. Now I am happy and cheerful and I don’t have to pretend anymore. For that and for everything else that you brought in my life thank you and happy birthday honey.
  • I was so disappointed with my previous girlfriends, that I had decided I was going to be better on my own. And actually solitude didn’t scare me at all. But then you came along and you showed me how much better a man is with a great woman by his side, how much better life is when you spend it with a woman you love and cherish. Thank you for not letting me to become a bitter, lone old man. Happy birthday darling.
  • You are the angel in my life. On this day, god sent you on earth so we could be together. Happy Birthday to the brightest star in my life!
  • It must be my birthday every day because you gift me with your presence every day. Thank you for being the greatest gift anyone has ever given me. Happy birthday
  • To the greatest friend, lover, drinking buddy, movie fan, party animal I’ve ever known. Happy birthday honey.
  • You are gorgeous, captivating, great, fabulous, fascinating… You rock! You roll! You are my babe, my squeeze, my lady… Oh yeah, happy birthday too!
  • I cherish you for a lot of things but this year I finally understood what I cherish about you the most. The fact that you are not at the lest, condescending, ironic or judgmental. Thank you for being your wonderful self honey and happy birthday.
  • Seeing you always brightens my day because you are so pretty, inside and out. Happy birthday to the girl who brings joy to my life!
  • You have stayed by my side through my drinking problem and through my sickness, without ever complaining, always helpful, always there. Now that all the hardships of the past are behind us, I promise to make you the happiest woman in the world and to repay you in any way you want, for all of your efforts. I’m so happy to have you, happy birthday darling.
  • No birthday gift will be enough to make up for the gift you gave me the gift of your love. Happy Birthday to amazing little you!
  • You know honey; our love is one that songs are written about. And so are you. Thank you for everything darling and happy birthday
  • No birthday gift will be enough to make up for the gift you gave me, the gift of your love. Happy Birthday to amazing little you!
  • You are the best thing that ever happened to me honey. Happy birthday

Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

Happy Birthday wishes

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Birthday love quotes for girlfriend

  • I realize I sometimes get very frustrated with all your jealousy, but I have to admit, I kind of like it too, that you care so much about me. So, happy birthday my little jealous cat.
  • This year is the first one that we are not going to be together at your birthday and it truly breaks my heart. Wish you here honey, and happy birthday.
  • This year, you complained a lot about us being poor. And although you are kind of exaggerating, I have decided,  instead of the extremely eloquent wishes I usually extend,  to dedicate to you a lyric from your favorite band, Jet: So, “You don;t need the money when you look like this honey”.
  • I truly can’t remember your exact age, but you surely look a year younger than last year. Happy birthday!
  • I almost forgot your birthday. That’s why I didn’t buy you anything, except from these flowers, these golden earrings and this diamond ring, which I just forgot back home. So, you’ll have to be compromised with just… me!
  • Well, I’m afraid I have to leave early tonight. I really have to meet with a special girl with the most amazing looks! Well, you already know her; have a look at the mirror! Happy birthday pretty!
  • The birthday jinn granted me three wishes! Since we are together, I’ll have to look for the other two. May all the wishes you make today come true!

Birthday love quotes for girlfriend

Happy Birthday wishes

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Romantic Birthday Messages for your girlfriend

  • I wish we’ll be together, until the candles need more space than the birthday cake does. May you have a dream birthday!
  • It’s time to cut the cake and celebrate and once LOVE, you’re the best thing that happened to me,so I plan to Love cherrish you always.I will always be by your side.
  • he older we grow, the more I fall in love with you. Thank you for who you are to me. You are the most special person in my life.
  • Thick and thin  till death do us apart… I’ll take care of you.To me your birthday is a precious day .. I hope it brings you joy in every way.I love you.
  • Wanted to show you how much i care, i thought of reading you a love poem, I thought of asking the sun to send you caressing warm runes and from the birds sing you a love tune, but all that pales to your inner beauty so all is left to say is happy birthday, i Love you.
  • Being with you the every day of the year is what is worth for me, so your birthday is just another day of celebration. Happy birthday and joy for all your days.
  • I wish I could share the way I feel right now with every sad person in the city. You fill my heart with happiness and give a reason to smile. May you have everything you wish for your birthday!
  • I wish you the best birthday ever, but it’s just one day. You deserve a wonderful full year, with your heart filled with happiness!
  • Happy Birthday, gorgeous! The candles on the cake represent you making the world a little brighter with your
  • The day I met you was like I was born again, so you also know when my birthday is. For yours, I wish you be as happy all year long as I am today!
  • Happy Birthday to the most special someone on their most special day! Every day I thank God for this day, the day you were born.
  • There’s nowhere else I would like to be in this special day. Leave everything behind and let us celebrate your birthday together. It only takes you, me and a fine wine.
  • Since we met each other, every year brings us closer and closer to each other. Now that we have become one, it is my birthday too! Happy birthday to us, honey!
  • Happy Birthday! May it truly be a Happy Birthday for the best girl in the world.
  • I can’t thank you enough for being the most important part of my life. I wish this will never change in the years to come. Happy birthday!
  • Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.
  • Happy Birthday, sexy. Another year older and still you drive me wilder every day!
  • True love is the gift we all possess and you are my true love. Happy Birthday Darling
  • May every candle you blow be a worry left behind in the past and every slice of the birthday cake is a happy moment of the future. Love and light for your birthday!
  • Let no one let you down today. This years’ birthday is unique, as is everyday of our lives. You won’t have a second change to live it, so make it count. Spend it with me, baby! I wish we will be together next year younger than today and more in love than today.
  • For your birthday I brought the two most valuable things that I own, closed in two tiny little boxes. One is the sound of my heart when I see you and the other my lost breath when you kiss me. They’re all yours now! Happy birthday!
  • I wish this day will be the first of many perfect days we’ll spend together. The best is yet to come. Happy birthday!
  • You think you love me more than I love you. I know I love you more than you could ever love me. Well, it does not matter as we both love each other more than we love ourselves. Happy birthday love.

Romantic Birthday Messages for your girlfriend

Happy Birthday quotes

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Most Romantic  Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

  • Happy Birthday to the sweetest girlfriend ever! You deserve all the success, happiness and love in the world. Let’s celebrate this special day of your life together.
  • Nothing brings me more happiness than the smile on your face. I want to see that smile on my girlfiend’s lips forever. Celebrate! You deserve the best.
  • Although we just met, the impression stuck, to day is your birthday and I fell in love.
  • Like the moon to the sun I surrendered my light and warmth to you, this is your time and I am yours. Happy Birthday my girlfriend!
  • Every moment matters when I am with you. Having you in my life makes me realize how important and wonderful love is! Happy Birthday my girl!
  • Life would only be existence without you. Happy Birthday.
  • You are always where I go when I go to my happy place. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday. You give voice to the song in my heart. FYI, apparently my heart is a soprano?
  • Sometimes when you talk, I don’t hear the words but I just listen to the sound of your voice and it comforts me inside. I know that it is filled with all those things that I love about you. So forgive me if sometimes I don’t hear what you say. Happy Birthday.
  • Your smile entices me. Your warmth caresses me. Your love makes me whole. You’re the reason I only see good in the world. I love you. Happy birthday!
  • I cannot put how I feel about you into words, but I’ll try…I love you. You’re my reason for living. Happy birthday, lover!
  • On your birthday, let’s celebrate our past, our present and our future! I love my life with you…today and every day! Happy birthday, baby!
  • Happy birthday to my girlfriend who is as sweet as honey and pretty as a rose. Thank you for making my life sunny and bright.
  • I pray for a happy life for you, happy love for you and a Happy Birthday to you.
  • Today is just another day, but today is the best day of the year, happy birthday.
  • I hope you enjoy your birthday.You may never know how much you mean to me unless we switch places and you stand where I do.
  • To wish you success is all I desire. I hope you have a blast on your birthday and cherish it forever!
  • A birthday full of surprises was what I planned for you. With every year it’s going to get better.
  • Birthdays are incomplete without wishes and mine come to you today for a long life and successful career!
  • If I begin to express my love for you on your Birthday today, we’ll only end up spending the day talking. So, let me save my expressions for another tender moment while I simply sum it up for you in three simple words – You’re my life. Happy Birthday sweetie.
  • Your eyes are like a thousand lamps the light up my life. Your lips are like a thousand rose buds that make my moods fragrant and your hands are like a thousand talismans that secure my life. Thanks for being there for me sweetheart. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.
  • On your Birthday today I dedicate all the roses, rainbows and smiles of the world to you. May you live long to see all the beautiful memories that God had planned especially for you to experience. Happy Birthday dear.
  • You Give me a Reason to Live You give me the reason to smile, With your presence, I feel divine, Your touch heals all my pain, There is nothing to lose with all the gain, My beloved, a very happy birthday to you, Together we make an awesome two!
  • I want to thank God for giving me a chance to meet someone like you. I’ve never been happier since then. Happy Birthday to the best girlfriend in the world!

Most Romantic Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

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Sending this Love Birthday Messages For Boyfriend can help to make your Love Story very special. If you are living far from your girlfriend then this Love Birthday Messages For Lover can make her feel that you are around her.  You can make your girlfriend’s birthday special by taking on her favorite place. Making stroll at favorite place give you a lot of tie to understand each-other. Apart from it, you find time to get relaxed. There are many place who are considered very special to make mood and get relaxed.

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